CTF - LIP - Dark Skies 2


Game Types
Capture The Flag
Tiny for 2-4 players

This is a remake of my old map called CTF - LIP - Dueling Skies. The battle takes place in a very tall building amongst the clouds, with the flag bases floating just outside the edge of the building floor and directly opposite each other similarly to "CTF-Thorns" style maps. The original version was full of bugs, which have all been fixed. In this version it has also turned into night, with a storm effect and lightning flashes, and different weapons now. Be careful or be dead on this map :)

This is the updated version, with the following changes:

* No wind to push you now.
* Lowered lips of the buildings to make a easier jump to the flag.
* Clouds density are reduced by 50%, allowing a better vision of the opponnent
* Lightning flashes reduced by 75% and no longer make you go blind
* New song instead of the old one :P

Tags: thorns

Revision History

  • v3.0
    • Released: 3/7/2011
    • Added: 3/19/2011
  • v2.0
    • Released: 1/19/2011
    • Added: 3/3/2011

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