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Medium for 8-16 players
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Team Deathmatch map for Air Buccaneers. I've changed my old map TDM-Village to the new gametype Duel (which was introduced in V.1.6 of ABU). So both teams have only one mighty battleship, to fight with in the perilous skies.

--- Changelist V.1.1 ---

- Fixed the height problem; You could hit the ceiling instead of being blowing down by the wind at the maximum height.
- Changed the texture of the fluidsurface, it's now darker then before.
- Added a market near the settelent.

--- Changes in V.1.2 ---

- Changed the skybox.
- Adjusted the light and fog so it would match better with the skybox.
- Removed the leafs from the big trees.

--- Changes in V.1.3 ---

- Small changes in lightning.
- Small changes in skybox.
- Changed texture of the water (in v.1.2 is was a mix between blue and purple, now it's more yellowish).
- Added some structures (towers and walls) to fill in the empty spaces in the map.

--- Changes in V.1.4/CPB ---
- Changed the normal reapair kits (200 health) to super repair kits (800 health).
- Added a map (Press 'M' to see).
- TDM-VillageDuel is also playable with SmartBot v.0.2 made by <br>. The files that are needed are included in this file.

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Revision History

  • v1.4
    • Released: 7/30/2006
    • Added: 7/21/2007
  • v1.3
    • Released: 1/29/2006
    • Added: 2/6/2006
  • v1.2
    • Released: 12/27/2005
    • Added: 1/4/2006
  • v1.1
    • Released: 7/11/2005
    • Added: 7/13/2005
  • v1.0
    • Released: 7/6/2005
    • Added: 7/8/2005

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