Game Types
Medium for 1 player
Play Styles
One Weapon Only

This map requires the ut2004 mod AirBuccaneers (http://ludocraft.oulu.fi/airbuccaneers/).

Blocking - the art of hitting cannonballs in mid-air to keep them from destroying your ship. While everybody able to handle a mouse can learn to aim the cannon or steer an airship in a halfway decent way in a few minutes or hours, becoming a skilled blocker can take weeks, months or even years of playing.

This map is designed for ABU newbies to train basic blocking techniques, and for ABU veterans to become even better. It is optimized for offline playing.

You start on a high tower, surrounded by a number of bot controlled cogs. As soon as the match starts, they will start and fire cannonballs at you. Your objective is not to kill the bots, but to block as many cannonballs as you can.

You can also grab one of the gliders and get a ride in the bs or cog - blocking inside a baloon, like its supposed to be done, is way more challenging. Both ships are modified, they are (almost) indestructible and come with a unlimited amount of muskets.

This map comes with a custom mutator which will count your blocks, calculate your accuracy and will also make the bots join the right team.

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Revision History

  • v1.1
    • Released: 9/16/2005
    • Added: 9/19/2005

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