Medium for 4-8 players
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CpuFrenzy Takes place in a Very Large Computer Case, or is it just that You are very Small ? You can decide!

This level was remade for UT2K3 from my level: CpuFrenzy- originally made for 'Half-Life' DM-multiplayer.

It has been beefed up for the tournament, which includes Two pits where you can fall to your death ! One of which is a large hollow hole with beams across, and the other is a pit of deadly water...

It also has three fans, two of which will kill you if you get sucked in! All three have Realistic physic effects like wind & rotating blades.. The wind can suck in grenades, bio sludge or other similar projectiles.

Watch you step or you could fall in !

It contains 99% of REAL scanned images from REAL circuit boards, Hard Drives, Screws, Aluminum Metal case, battery, capacitors & others... It also contains custom designed textures like, water waves, fog, walls/floor/ceiling, ladders, stairs, etc...

It also contains 80% custom made recorded sounds from real CPU fan noises & hard disk whine, electric power supply transformer hums, and others..

UT2003 patch 2166+ required.

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Revision History

  • v2.4
    • Released: 1/13/2003
    • Added: 2/9/2003

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