The Shire (Version 2)


Medium for 6-12 players
Play Styles

If you've downloaded and played the map DM-Shire by Buckyfg then you already know what a great map it is. With permission from Buckyfg, I present you with a completely overhauled version which nearly plays like a whole new map.

Changes include > new Lighting, new Emitters, Custom SoundFX, Terrain changes, more Trees, Boulders and eyecandy. All new Weapon/Pickup/Powerup and Ammo locations. New Teleporter systems, all new Pathing, AI Scripts and a few other things including a new music track.

When I Emailed Buckyfg some preview shots, he really liked the changes. I hope you'll give this version a try. It's worth the download.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 6/3/2004
    • Added: 7/10/2004

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