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Enter deck 17 - magma refinery... Deck 16's hot neighbor ;) this is revision 1 of the final version.

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Revision History

  • v1.0R1
    • Released: 1/3/2003
    • Added: 1/3/2003
    • Changes:
      • Slowed speed of the elevators. You can now do the lift jump from the lift to the middle level floor. You can't lift jump to the redeemer anymore (I think).
      • Fixed piping around elevators so that you don't bump your head when lift jumping.
      • Fixed piping around Damage Amplifier so you don't bump your head.
      • Expanded blocking volumes around piping near the pit of death so you don't bump your head trying to use the boots from the pick-up spot to the middle level floor.
      • More use of anti-portals.
      • Better zoning.
      • Set cull distances on some meshes and fluid surfaces.
      • Rotated the lava pit. Don't ask why.
      • Fixed some lava zones around the lava pit.
      • Removed some unnecessary subtractive BSP.
      • Changed some textures around elevators and other areas.
      • Other items were fixed or changed that I can't remember...
  • v1.0
    • Released: 12/19/2002
    • Added: 12/19/2002

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