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I named/made this map after the town "Vale" from Goldensun for the GBA. If you download and like the map, please rate it, thank you.

Updates for version 1.1

-added some fog into the map to give it a better framerate and a more mystic look.
-Added some fog into the background to transfer with the fog in the map itself, this way it looks better.

More detail:

This is the 1.1 version, I got some people who liked the looks but didn't like the framerate so I added some fog to speed up the map.
Its more a morning theme now, I hope you like it.
Known bugs:

Never run this map at a high texture detail, Why ?
If you do that some textures in the map that where made with normal texture settings will turn Black if you get close to them, So ALWAYS run this map at a NORMAL texture setting or lower (Unless you like the black Textures ;) ).

It was very hard to create a 3D map when you only have an idea of it in 2D. Some buildings may not be there and others may be on another place than normally but it workt out pretty well. I spend a lot of time in creating this map so please if you have anything to say about is post a review (you can also post a review trough my site:


This map will only work fine on high-end machines, it will also work fine on low-end machines but you will have to place some settings a little lower.

"Vale" will also run on the new upcoming 2004 but I will adjust the map when ut2004 comes in stores.
(BUT PLEASE DON'T GO DOWNLOAD THIS MAP AT MY SITE, I get trouble with my broadband limit), there is only 1 map on my site at the time so only download this map trough the normall site

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Revision History

  • v1.1
    • Released: 1/23/2004
    • Added: 1/23/2004
  • v1.0
    • Released: 10/24/2003
    • Added: 1/15/2004

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