Medium for 4-6 players
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Battle in this ancient Anubis temple. Build 2500 BC, this temple was originally a sacred temple used for worshiping. But soon it was seen as the perfect place for a deadly tournament. Even the old egyptian soldiers used this temple as a training arena for the elite-soldiers. Watch your step though, because this temple can be treacherous!

Issues that have been resolved in this new version
- The "extra players"-bug has been resolved.
- Fixed Static Mesh alignments at a few places, they were causing flashing textures.
- Lava is now visible when you fall into the lava and look up. It also has red distance fog.
- The blocking volume in the main arena which prevents you from going outside, has been redesigned. It now follows the big curves. This allows you to lift-jump back in the main arena and fly skyhigh. The blocking volume in the terrain-room has also been redesigned.
- The lava texture on the terrain has been scaled up.
- Fixed a leaking zone bug.
- Added a Lightning Gun + appropriate ammo for it.

You need to have DE Bonus Pack 1 installed! You can find it at almost any site covering Unreal Tournament 2003.

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Revision History

  • v1.1
    • Released: 4/5/2003
    • Added: 5/30/2003
  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/31/2003
    • Added: 3/31/2003

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