Game Types
Small for 2-4 players

This map started out as a DM map for the Tier8:Oblivion MOD for Quake3, but over time, the MOD changed directions and before you know it, it was a TC with a whole new style of gameplay (mostly single player) and we changed the name to Shattered Realm. This map, which I had already completed before the big change up, got lost on my hard drive and never got released. I put a lot of work into the textures for this map and it has been complete on my hard drive for months (I finished this map for Shattered around the end of January). There were also a few bugs that needed to be fixed and I had to wait for the new compile tools. Known Bugs: Misc. Dots of light that seem to be coming from nowhere. I was hoping the new compile tools would fix this, but it really does not effect gameplay so I released anyway. If I find out whats causing this and can fix it, I will release an updated version. If you can help, email me.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 3/19/2000
    • Added: 11/26/2002

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