Storm3tourney5: Cajun Hell


Medium for 2-4 players
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Its the future. All of Earths natural resources have been depleted, so mankind must look elsewhere for their fuel needs. After searching far and wide, a number of planets were located that were determined to have vast oil reserves. Among these planets was Cajus, a small greenish planet covered entirely by a marshy swamp - and filled with crude oil. Initially the planet was thought uninhabited, but only months after setting up a refinery, all of the human workers on the planet were attacked and killed by a gang of pitchfork-wielding drunken madmen in straw hats and overalls. Rumors that the "Cajun" natives tortured, raped, cooked, and devoured the human workers gave rise to the current nickname of the base: "Cajun Hell"

Long since abandoned, the base remains as a grim reminder of mankinds wastefulness and arrogance.

A medium/small CPMA styled tournament map, chock full of neat trick jumps and interesting item runs. This dim, moody, competetively designed level uses a minimal amount of textures and relies on its architecture and geometry to make it visually stunning piece of work. Plays well in vq3 and OSP as well. Also playable as a 2v2 TDM or FFA. It has different item placement for TDM.

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 6/19/2003
    • Added: 11/28/2005

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