Gothic Rage


Game Types
Small for 2-4 players
Play Styles
Close Quarters

Some words : Well this is my 3rd Quake 3 Arena map so far, my first 1v1 tourney-type map also. This map will also be featured in the awesome Madness! Mod for Quake 3, although it will have some new areas and the Madness! Weapons and powerups included. Go to to look at screens of Madness! And a download is also available. Hope you like this map I have made, I worked hard on this one and it has also taken the least amount of time to complete. I have been away from mapping for a while, and decided to start this map, and I think it turned out great. Enjoy.

Thanx to : My Dad (Thrasher), My Cuz (Quaker-Z), KoRn_FLaKes_, flow for beta testing, Creed, The IntelliBot Team (good prog), Id Software for the game, and a couple others...sorry if I forgot you.

Map was featured in the ..::LvL and Planetquake map pack "The Top Peg" as well as in the Madness! Mod.

More info in the included readme.txt or at

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 6/3/2001
    • Added: 6/9/2004

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