LvL pack - the cream off the top


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Large for 4-10 players
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..::LvL pack - the cream off the top
---authors and maps---
* Natestah's Beotch by Nathan Silvers (natedm2)
* Future Brownie by Fingers (ik3dm1)
* Japanese Castles by g1zm0 (japandm)
* Heavy Duty by Mr.CleaN (mrcq3t3)
* Beatbox by ztn (ztn3dm2)
* Let's Drink Beer and Shoot Things by Lunaran (lun3dm2)
* Golconda by Bal (bal3dm2)
* Blood Run by ztn (ztn3dm1)
* The BackStab by Auhsan (auh3dm2)
* Short Circuit by Binaryshi (shortcircuit)
* Clowning Around by FxR|jude (cpm8)
* OverWhelming Hostility by Auhsan (auh3dm1)
* fff by stecki (fff)
* Infernal Genesis by DeV (devdm3)
* Up Close and Personal by DruZli (d3xf1)
* Tig's Den by Tigger-oN (tig_den)
---thanx, credits---
Big fat thanx with a huge cherry on top goes out to all the mappers who have work in this pack.

Another big fat thanx goes out to all the mappers that have submitted work to ..::LvL over the last 11 months, its you lot that has kept ..::LvL going strong.

And one more big fat thanx goes out to all the people that drop by ..::LvL and leave a comment about the maps (or just drop to check out what's new)

More info in the included readme and at

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 11/28/2000
    • Added: 6/8/2004

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