Trailer Park Madness


Medium for 4-16 players

Trailer Park Madness- My first map

This map is the trailer park that I live in here in Northern Michigan.

The setting is dusk/dawn your choice, and some fog which can be changed in the .scr file. It doesn't really stick with the WWII theme of MOH but still a fun map.

Can be used for FFA and TDM. Comes complete with my annoying neighbors barking dogs (sound only), and another annoying neighbor who constantly blasts the stereo (see note). Weapons, ammo, and health packs are lying about the map (including silenced pistols), windows are breakable, 6 of the 12 trailers are accessible.


Due to copyrights I could not include the mp3 file so
To listen to your favorite tunes through my neighbors stereo during gameplay follow these instructions.

1) Join some of your favorite mp3's together or just use one it will loop over and over (I did 15 minutes worth). Make copies first!

2) Rename the joined mp3's to radio.mp3

3) In your MOHAA/main folder create a new folder called "sound" no quotes, in the "sound" folder make a folder called "tpm" once again no quotes.

4) Move the radio.mp3 file to the sound/tpm folder.

5) Play the game while listening to your favorite tunes

Thanks for trying my world!

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Revision History

  • v1.0
    • Released: 1/25/2004
    • Added: 1/28/2004

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