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Unreal Warfare
Small for 2-6 players
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In their assault of Orich IV, the Necris's first move was to take over the main orbital station. This was done by sending a virus to the station's two main processing cores, but unfortunately only one was infected. However, if the one of the cores were destroyed then control of the station would default entirely to the other, so both Necris and the station defence forces dispatched teams to the mainframe tower to decide control of the station.

This map is an attempt to make a WAR map as small as I could make it, without it losing the feel of Warfare. The idea came after playing Spambox, which is a very small (and fun!) WAR map, but doesn't feel like a real WAR map. No vehicles, Titan works ok but have to duck to get into/out of the corridors.

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  • v1.0
    • Released: 1/12/2010
    • Added: 1/26/2011

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