Feedback on MEGA download mirror

FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — March 08, 2013
As many of you have probably noticed, we're giving the new MEGA cloud storage service a test run here on Mapraider as our fourth download mirror.

Love it? Hate it? Had problems with it? I'm interested in any feedback that you may have regarding the service, whether good or bad before we determine whether we'll be keeping it on the site or not.
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  • Luxon776 Luxon776 — March 08, 2013
    It can stay imo. Need to click through a lot of stuff but it gets the job done nicely.
  • JRGoesGreenland JRGoesGreenland — March 09, 2013
    I got a "decryption error", whatever that means, and I'm not sure the map actually got downloaded, because I can't find it anywhere.
  • FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — March 22, 2013
    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm liking it so far, but I really need to get my automatic mirroring working with it as well -- it's a bit of a pain to manually have to mirror there and grab the link.

    @JRGoesGreenland: Not sure what that means. I do know from my experience that MEGA works best with Chrome and the latest versions of Firefox. I've had weird things happen in other browsers as well.
  • DrFlay DrFlay — April 28, 2013
    Works fine in Opera browser.

    I use the "MiPony" downloader to fetch files from those types of hosts.
    Captcha's open in the software, and it does any waiting for you.
    You don't see the site, so you don't see any ads.

    You can paste a whole bunch of links in 1 go, and it also has a built-in browser so you can strip embedded links.

    The only major flaw with MiPony is the random 3rd-party crapware offered during installation.
    Un-tick everything that is not MiPony. Several of the items offered via the new installer are malware.
    Hopefully they will soon change their source of revenue to something more trustworthy.
    If you have decent AV software, it will block any of the bad ones you miss.

    BTW. Any sites not supported, can be requested via the help menu. Just paste a link that does not work, and they will try and add it.
    I got them to add Filefront/gamefront, so you can avoid the ads there to. HURRAH !

    TIP: Just like Shareaza, you can operate it remotely, so you can download stuff at home, while you are not.
  • TuxAndroid93 TuxAndroid93 — June 15, 2013
    @FreakinMeany: MEGA now recommends Firefox 20 or higher because of the browser's great endurance of JavaScript.
    @DrFlay: Opera 12.15 not working on MEGA (connection closed by remote server), 12.14 does not.


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