What the hell happened to Deathbliss?

Deathbliss Deathbliss — November 07, 2009
Well after Gamespy shoved me down the plank at the point of a sword, leaving me to drown or be eaten in shark infested waters, I gave up for a while. I mean I have a crappy Dell Inspiron 2650 laptop. Wanna play UT3? Hell no! How about UT 2004? Nope. OK, then, UT. Hey! That works, big whoop! The last level I made for UT, for a contest at UP, sucked more than a vacuum cleaner powered by a small nuclear device.

But I got some ideas, did some experimenting, looked for hosting, found some, dropped it due to filesize upload limitations, installed 3DS Max 5 and UT then uninstalled them, found hosting again, then finally had some amazing success with UT designing something you could only previously do in UT 2003+. Now I have a site up and a tutorial planned. Then I come in here and find UP is dropping support for the Unreal series of games, or at least that's what it sounds like.

So I've put up a post to share my feelings, and now will give you a link to my site, which currently has nothing in it but might, if the stars align just right, have some new tutorials and content in the months to come. UnrealED Exordium is a decayed, rotting corpse festering under the detritus of the internet somewhere. The shark eaten body of The Nucleus now reside in Davy Jone's locker. From their moldering remains The Lyceum has been born:


I will be posting this same thread at Unreal Playground, so no, you are not experiencing deja-vu.
- Deathbliss
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  • GEx GEx — June 08, 2015
    Excuse the Necrobump, but I was looking for a way to contact Deathbliss and I saw this thread. So if anyone could help, I'd really appreciate.
    Basicly I want to ask if he could reupload some of his ut99 maps.

    I found out about them from here:

    Also the site link posted here doesn't work.

    Thanks in advance!


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