Angel Heart....

CauldronBorn CauldronBorn — November 07, 2008
Hello, I didn't managed to get your personal profile... so excuse me for public posting my request...k

Sometimes I play Unreal Tournament and once I went throug a map called DM-InnerCity.

First of all: my congrats, your map rocks, nice details.

Now, I'm a mapper for the game Rune: Halls Of Valhalla, guess you might know it (it uses same UT engine), and I'm about to make a modern city map for that game, just for break a little the medieval themes and giving players some new game experience (vikings in a So I'm asking you to let me use your textures and some of your brushes (like the vehicles)... let's say it: I'm not able to build such detailed $&@%..

Obviously I will write your name in the credits.

Best Regards


P.S. Here you can see some of my works ;)
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  • L3d L3d — December 26, 2017
    Id like some feedback angelheart ,I need all youre maps back btw :(
  • DrFlay DrFlay — August 01, 2018
    Try her own site or her Twitter profile
  • fragnbrag fragnbrag — January 31, 2019
    Hiya Flay, I think there's a mixup - AngelHeart and AngelMapper are two different people.
    1. AngelMapper's name is Rachel Cordone, originally a ut mapper and later unreal engine game developer
    2. AngelHeart is a guy named John Falgate (known for infliltration mapping as well as unreal/ut)


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