General UED tips.

FlyinDutchie FlyinDutchie — March 14, 2006
Heres some common FAQ's.

Q: HELP HELP! My viewports have gone all white!!! Ahh!!
Go to View>Viewports>Configure, now pick one of the options, Default is already selected so just press ok.
NOTE: This is a very common issue and happens randomly. It sometimes scare's newbie mappers away from the editor, i almost gave up when this happened. As, the only way i figured out to cure it, was to uninstall ut2004, and reninstall into a different directory.

Q: My texture's don't import!
Texture's(.bmp's) have to be to the power of 2(The Unreal Engine works using the power of 2) so, you would have to put it in sizes like 152, 256, 1024, etc.
Q: My Terrain has dissapeared!
Maybe you subtracted or added a brush, remmember, Annoying UED changes normal save shortcut(Ctrl + s) into a subtract shortcut, So you would of probably just done that, if you don't want it there, try undo'ing it(Ctrl + z) or try
rebuilding the geometry. The terrain should come back.

Q: My map has got theese weird problems, where a wall dissapears and you can see "Into the void".
This is a very common problem, its called a BSP hole, And is a mappers curse. This is mainly caused by having your Unreal Space's set to 1(Default is 16) Since the Unreal Engine works in 2's. It sometimes makes theese BSP holes. There is some tutorials around which teach you how to fix theese. I dont know any. I tend to save my map alot, and if this happens, then i just load it up again. You could also consider placing a "Static Mesh" or any other actor over it to hide this.

Q: When i open up my "Music Browser" nothing happens, i just see this white screen.
Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 uses .ogg files as its music. The Music Browser has not been configured to use theese, so this browser cannot be used to add music to your maps. This browser is useless.
NOTE: To add music to your map, first find a tune you want, convert it into .ogg(Goldwave is what i use to do this) and save it in your ut2004/music folder. Now, go into your map, And press f5. Your Level Properties appear, Select "Audio" from this menu. And in the bottom box, Type in the exact name of the song name( eg. Mercs_Entrance ) You dont need the file extension on the end. Then simply press enter. Save, and play it, You will hear your music!

Q: When i send my map to other people, They say they can't play it. Either it comes up "Cant intisialse(Sorry for bad spelling) ut2004.exe" or that when they try to, They get a error saying that there processor has overheated.
It is likely that when you sent it, There was a texture or a static mesh package that he has not got. Try saving custom static meshes and textures to your "My Level" Package. Remmember, DONT save your "Mylevel" Package. The reason why, is the "MyLevel" package is not an actual package saved onto your hardrive like all the other packages. This is saved IN the actual map. So the guy does not have to save it to his texture folder. So, if you did this, well, you would basicaly be rebuilding every single map you have installed in ut2004 that has its own "MyLevel" Package.

UT2004/2003 tutorial links.
This is links to sites that have helpful information to UED mapping. - This site is amazing, Very useful and easy to understand informations. This site using VTM's(Just like an .AVI) and requires membership. But, everything is free! - My modding teams site, Yes, we have no tutorials, Well, we have one very basic one. Just use this as a Support Tech place.

I need not post any more links, as this is definetly the best collection ever. -This page has lots of very useful links and has headings saying where to look. (ie, If your looking for tutorials on Movers, Just scroll down and look for a Bold text saying Movers, And underneath that, theres lots of links to different tutorials to them.)

Is it possible to make static meshes/Animations inside the editor?
Yes it is, Altough, this is definetly not the smartest thing to do. Check here for why (
The best product to make static meshes are Maya(There is a free version that comes with Ut2004, For the cd version, look in the extras on one of the cd's, If you have the dvd, Explore it and look in the folder "Cd 6" and find Maya.
Maya has the easiest compatibility with the Unreal Engine, and is completely free, So this is most advised.

However, You can use other products, Lightwave, 3ds max(5 and above for best results), Wings 3D, Lots of other things.

Q: I just made some terrain, and i would like to link it to normal BSP + Static mesh parts of my level. How do i do this?
Quite simple, The tutorial is here (Scroll down to "Getting to your terrain from the level" , it should be in Bold red writing.

Q: Is it possible to have 2 skyboxes in one map?
Yes, The Unreal Engine does support this. Click here for a tutorial showing this. (

General Tips from FlyinDutchie.

1) Save OFTEN when mapping, Many times i have gone to open a texture package, and typed it in wrong or i didn't click on it, (Ie. I type in "Hum" so i get "Humanoid Hardware" showing up, i try to click that, but miss it, and since i've mapped alot, didn't notice and went striaght for the open button, Then it will try to find a package called "Hum" but it won't find one, and the Editor will crash).

2) Don't be scared to experiment. The editor has a wide range of advantages, Use them, learn what they are, learn the editor's limitations. It WILL help you in the future. Also, while doing this, you could inevitably make a awesome map!

3) Don't be scared or thinking it's lame to try to edit other people's maps, you are allowed to, You can do anything to a map if it is not copyrighted, and almost ALL maps are not copyrighted, Just, if you release it, please give the original maker of the map some credit.

There really isin't much more to it. There is not much to UED mapping. It's like an art really. Learn the interface, get some ideas. Then start drawing.

Need any more help? Feel free to pm me, email me, or post in this thread about what else is bothering you.

Submit your own FAQ's or ask me one and i will add it to the list.

I will be updating this more.
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  • saka saka — March 15, 2006
    Nice, thx.
  • FlyinDutchie FlyinDutchie — March 16, 2006
    No problem,

    I will of course be updating this whenever i can think of some new problems. I will also ask my buddy how knows Unrealscript to tell me some problems with it, so i can also help out with UnrealScript.
  • Overrandom Overrandom — July 13, 2006
    "Q: My map has got theese weird problems, where a wall dissapears and you can see "Into the void"."

    Also, remember that UT2003/04 editors now automatically do Autosaves. It saves often, so if you come across a BSP Hole, open the latest Auto#.ut2 (if you feel like going back).
  • mrdepp50 mrdepp50 — December 02, 2007
    How do I get the program to make my own maps? Are new here.
  • LIPRampage LIPRampage — March 26, 2011
    The Own 'Unreal Editor' comes with all Unreal series, just go to D or C(depends of your hard drive's letter) then C: \\ UT2004\ System\ UnrealEd.exe, run it, and enjoys ;)
    NOTE:UT2003/UT2004 and Unreal2's editors needs the minimun 24 Bits to open it, hope it helps ;)

    Rampage :)


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