Is there still any interest in UT maps?

Ghostwheel Ghostwheel — September 12, 2004
Hello all, I have uploaded two of my better maps for UT here, and I have a few more that are possibily worthy of uploading, but there seems to be a lack of interest in the old maps, one map I uploaded has like 40 downloads and not one rating or comment. Anyway if the interest is there I'll upload a few more, if not I guess its time to try one for 2k4.
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  • FreakinMeany FreakinMeany — September 12, 2004
    Classic UT will never die :D Not sure why a lot of people haven't rated them, but I'll check 'em out. Definitely keep them coming - there are quite a few people that visit here that still fire-up the ole' UT (me included).
  • morpheus morpheus — September 12, 2004
    I still prefer the good old Unreal Tournament. It has what newer versions don't - good music and a devastating rocket launcher. My heart sings, my finger kills... :D
  • DaJMasta DaJMasta — September 16, 2004
    i mostly work with 2k4, and since i have a decent comp, load times don't kill it, but UT will always be a classic. I have about 600MB left on my drive, but i will never clean it out. I still play every so often. :D


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