Announcing the winners of the fourth annual
Best Maps of the Year calendar contest!

Each year holds a contest by popular vote for the best maps of the previous year. The calendar is currently our once-a-year fund-raising event, and for every calendar sold, Mapraider gets $3.00 to put towards site and file hosting fees (the rest is kept by the printing company).

The great thing about this is that you can show your support for the site and also get a really cool, limited-edition calendar in return to enjoy the whole year. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Each month features one of the 12 maps in a custom, full-color professionally designed layout.

Maps featured in the 2007 calendar:

(click to zoom - image quality is not representative of what will be in the calendar)


Michael "BIOS" Schorr
Samuel "SamRo" Korn
Chong "MoonFlyer" Lee
Kurt "commander_keen" Loeffler
Hazel "Hazel" Whorley
Florian "Strogg" Oswald
Ben "Slainchild" Edney
Mechanization Zen
Rogelio "Desperado#2" Olguin
Danilo "Dan" Di Mascio
James "Axeman" Scott
& Jos "Sjosz" Hendriks
Sander "Saka" Kamps
Vladimir "VoodariuS" Mikhalev
& Danil "Satellence" Maslov

Download The Best Maps of 2006 Map Pack

We've also thrown together a map pack containing all of the original distribution archives for each map above for those of you who would like to download them all at once. You may download the pack by clicking one of the download mirrors below: (240 MB)

Download via FileFront (HTTP)

Download via P2P Magnet Link (Gnutella)

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